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"Because we manage all SWPPP compliance activities at our clients’ job sites, we believe in installing silt fence that works. We’re big believers in the tommy Silt Fence Machine, and the whole concept of eliminating the use of failure-prone trenches for silt fence installation---because it’s simply a better way.

A more cost-effective way, a more productive way, and a way that provides better compliance for our clients---what else can I say? We love the tommy. Two years of daily, high volume, heavy-duty use has proven the tommy to be an absolutely reliable workhorse. It’s never let us down.

Silt fence wouldn’t be the much-maligned BMP that it is today if more installers used the tommy."

Robert C. Adair
Construction EcoServices, LLC
Houston, TX


"I bought my first tommy in ’98 and second in 2000. We’ve probably installed a couple of million feet of silt fence, so we’ve definitely challenged it in as many ways as possible. Some of these soils in California are nearly impenetrable, but we get it done with the tommy. It just plain works great."

John Gallion
M-IV Equipment Rental Inc.
Santa Paula, CA


"The durability, ease of operation, and ability to install large amounts of fence per day with a two-man crew, made the tommy a wise choice when considering our method for installation. We purchased a tommy May 2003 and have installed in some of the worst conditions Florida has to offer; the machine has hit everything from engine blocks to refrigerators with no damage to the machine. I attribute our growth over the past year to the tommy and plan to purchase another in the future."

Jobie Watson
Twin Oaks Environmental
Winter Park, FL


"I’ve owned my tommy for 5 ½ years. It’s been nearly maintenance free. We run it for 2 businesses and just haven’t had any downtime. It works wonderful. It has reduced handwork tremendously over trenching- no backfilling and fighting the wind."

Sherry Wetherington
Sherry’s Seeding
Stella, North Carolina


"I purchased the tommy in 1997 as I anticipated potential growth of the erosion control industry. We’ve grown by leaps and bounds since then, and the tommy has led the way. We run the heck out of it and it just keeps working. It goes into very hard ground and doesn’t take much H.P. It’s also important that we can use it on different equipment, which really gives us flexibility."

Jeff Trog
Valley Erosion Control
Inner Grove Heights, Minnesota


"I absolutely love the tommy. We’re working less hours and servicing more clients. The tommy stays in the ground, and the guys aren’t fighting fabric against the wind all day long, like we were with prefab. And, there’s just minor maintenance over a year. We couldn’t be happier."

Tom Lingvai
Lingvai Excavating
Bryan, Ohio


"I’ve had the tommy for five years now, and never had any problems on my sites, even with the stringent North Carolina regs. We run a couple of different companies, but with the tommy I can send out a relatively inexperienced crew and still get great looking fence. It gives us a very professional look with tight, non-sagging fence."

Curtis Lynn
Pressure Works Inc
Charlotte, North Carolina