Where is the Exact Time Savings?

Many contractors are proud of their highly productive crews, and rightfully so considering their out-dated equipment. But the tommy technology eliminates so many labor factors there really is no comparison.

The greatest savings comes from the speed of the power vehicles. Whether using a tractor or a skid loader, slicing through the soil is between two to four times faster than excavating tons of soil. (before the trencher has gone 100’.)

Eliminating the need to backfill is probably the second greatest time saver, especially when excavating in sod, saturated soils or sand. The 2003 ASTM specification requires over-backfilling the trench and mechanically compacting to a full level trench.

ASTM trench landscaped

Backfilling is eliminated with the tommy.

Several other time-saving aspects of the tommy start coming into play when comparing tommy technology and trenchers.

With the tommy there are:

  • No joints to wrap together versus a joint every 100’
  • No laborers battling the wind, billowing fabric, and sagging fence.
  • No repositioning the trencher at every obstacle––plus, the fence upturns to create a smile layout.
  • No truckload of 100 foot packets to carry, disperse over the site, open and unwind.
  • Fewer employee problems and disheartened crews.

And finally, 2500 linear feet rolls of fabric eliminate hours of down-time for materials handling.

"I absolutely love the Tommy. We’re working less hours and servicing more clients. The Tommy stays in the ground, and the guys aren’t fighting fabric against the wind all day long, like we were with prefab. And, there’s just minor maintenance over a year. We couldn’t be happier."
Tom Lingvai
Lingvai Excavating
Bryan, Ohio

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