The tommy

The tommy machine installs silt fence the same way – the correct way – each and every time.

It does not:

  • get tired
  • skip a step in the process
  • fail to follow instructions
  • decide not to come to work.

The tommy easily maneuvers around construction site contours and obstacles, properly placing silt fence for detaining sediment-laden water. With the capability to turn 90 degrees within 10 feet, the tommy can easily create a J-hook to detain water – now prescribed and required by many regulatory agencies.


New Rules. Maximum length of any run should be 200 linear feet. Create multiple storage area for ponding stormwater. Trenchers cannot perform the new installation requirements.

Easy turning also means maneuvering around obstacles on the construction site, and stability on slopes and tight areas. The tommy can be operated in many more locations than a trencher – again with significant time - savings and effective installations.

A rule of thumb might be that if you can’t install with a tommy, it isn’t an appropriate location for silt fence.




Silt Fence Placement

Designs called J-hooks insure water & sediment pond behind each silt fence.