A Better Way to Do Things

The tommy’s patented 21st century technology installs silt fence faster and easier than trenching.

Just like GPS and laser screening technology, you are investing in the results (not the equipment).

The Problems with Trenching

  • extra crew members
  • work-stoppage in wet weather or rocky soil conditions
  • slow and costly dirt removal
  • cumbersome backfill & compaction

It can not turn to install J-hooks and smiles - Now required by many SWPPP's and specifications, nor manuever around construction site obstacles..

Tommy Superiority

The tommy’s dynamic technology simultaneously:

  • slices through the soil
  • conditions it for future compaction
  • smoothly inserts silt fence fabric 8-12 inches deep

All this in one proven, trouble-free operation.

(Click here for comparisons between trenching and static slicing methods.)

Best of all, the tommy turns easily to avoid obstacles and creates “smiles” to contain runoff. The tommy actually slices through most obstacles, even eight inch thick cobble and concrete waste, by pushing it to one side. However, if you do snag a hard buried object, the tommy is protected by a grade 5 shear bolt to prevent damage to the machine.


"I bought my first Tommy in ’98 and second in 2000. We’ve probably installed a couple of million feet of silt fence, so we’ve definitely challenged it in as many ways as possible. Some of these soils in California are nearly impenetrable, but we get it done with the Tommy. It just plain works great."
John Gallion
M-IV Equipment Rental Inc.
Santa Paula, CA

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