Improve Your Bottom Line

Everybody wants to save money, make more money, and spend less time doing it. The tommy gives you all that.

With the tommy’s versatility, you’ll be able to install fence when you need to – regardless of the weather or soil conditions. And you’ll do it faster – using fewer laborers, or with the same crew installing more linear fence per hour. You’ll be able to get the job done and get going – to more profitable work or to other clients.

Productivity =

  • More Time
  • More Clients
  • More Money

And, you’ll do all this with fewer hassles!

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People see claims like this everyday. Faster, better, etc. It becomes too cliché. So why are the tommy claims real? Because trenching is so slow, so cumbersome, so labor-intensive, so useless in so many applications that modern technology blows it away.