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The problems of Trenching


  • Cannot turn to install J-hooks and smiles now required in most SWPPP's and ESC manuals
  • So many locations where trencher cannot manuever at all makes trenches not feasible
  • Requires extra crew members
  • Work-stoppage in wet conditions or complete inability to operate
  • Slow and costly excavation
  • Cumbersome backfill and compaction (leaving a half empty trench is not longer allowed)
  • Expensive and frequent high cost maintenance with claims and hydraulics
  • Moving chains and throwing rocks is hazardous to employees and increases insurance
  • Incalculable lost profits from time lost and customers lost
  • Expensive call backs from washed-out silt fence
  • Poor visual installation if constructed on a windy day or with 10 feet post spacings
  • Inability to service customers in a short time - either before a coming storm, after a significant storme, or between storms
  • Al the extra cost with more employees - overtime, workman's comp. payroll taxes (15%) insurance base on payroll, rainy days lost, etc.

All the Hassles of Trenching

  • Excavation in sod, rocky soil, wet conditions
  • Trencher getting stuck in soft soils
  • Hand-digging many locations
  • Management of more employees
  • Time-consuming over-lapping joints
  • Lost partial rolls and needs for extra stakes
  • Cannot manuever around obstacles or trees
  • Backing up and causing damages