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A Better Way

The tommy™ patented 21st century technology installs silt fence faster and easier than trenching. Just like GPS and laser screening technology, you are investing in the results (not the equipment).


The tommy™ Difference

tommy™ Slices through the soil disrupting it upwards, creating a pliable soil condition that secures the fabric in the slice. This prevents the fabric from being pulled out of the slice when turning or traversing a water way. This is critical because other slicing methods horizontally compact the interior of the slice outward, creating a soil condition that allows the fabric to easily slide out, thus causing significantly more labor and machine downtime to reinstall the fabric.

All this in one proven, trouble-free operation.


Best of all, the tommy™ turns easily to avoid obstacles and creates “smiles” to contain runoff. The tommy™ actually slices through most obstacles, even eight inch thick cobble and concrete waste, by pushing it to one side. However, if you do snag a hard buried object, the tommy™ is protected by a grade 5 shear bolt to prevent damage to the machine.


Customer Comments

Because we manage all SWPPP compliance activities at our clients’ job sites, we believe in installing silt fence that works. We’re big believers in the tommy™ Silt Fence Machine, and the whole concept of eliminating the use of failure-prone trenches for silt fence installation---because it’s simply a better way. A more cost-effective way, a more productive way, and a way that provides better compliance for our clients---what else can I say? We love the tommy™. Two years of daily, high volume, heavy-duty use has proven the tommy™ to be an absolutely reliable workhorse. It’s never let us down. Silt fence wouldn’t be the much-maligned BMP that it is today if more installers used the tommy™.

Robert C. Adair
Construction EcoServices, LLC
Houston, TX